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African Bank and Good Business

23 Aug , 2014  

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African Bank has been the focus of recent business news in South Africa for the past few weeks. Everyone has suddenly become an ‘expert analyst’ on the woes of African Bank, and what they should have done differently. Should they have bought Ellerines? Should they have closed down their savings account offering and allowed for a diverse portfolio of profits? It’s easy to judge when looking back, but a lot more difficult to give guiding principles when looking forward. More…

Business & Finance

Financial Lessons From My 20s

21 Aug , 2014  


So the very cool guys at Empty Bucket asked if, as a recent 35 year old, I could speak to the younger members of society on some thoughts around financial decisions and any advice I may have. Well firstly, my life has changed drastically from the age of 25 to 35. More…