Jesus, the perpetually Trending One in Heaven

22 Sep , 2014  


The warnings are passed!

Each wrong church rebuked! Repentance demanded.

A door is opened, behold I see

Beauty unfathomable, I cease to speak

I look, I behold, I perceive, then me it strikes More…


Dreams of Silicon Valley

30 Aug , 2014  

Picture by Ed Schipul

…If only I was as smart as Mark Zuckerburg!!! I could be the investor of Facebook or maybe Bill Gates, he has more money, and I would be the richest man on earth, domestic flights? Never again. Life would be dandy, do people still use dandy??? Oh wait, I’m better than that, I could be me but be a billionaire child prodigy of maybe Space Technology? Nah, that’s too unrealistic, I could be a software investor bigger than both Microsoft and Facebook or maybe I could be a musician, part of band but I would be the Beyonce (adjective – meaning: centre, middle, first, last, everything of the band) in the band. More…