Spotlight on African Movies

18 Oct , 2014  


I am into African cinema, it’s a fairly new thing in my life but I’m so glad I discovered it. It started off with a love for South African movies, I would go out and support, whether good or bad, I was intentionally trying to support the local industry. Then I broadened my horizons and looked at Nigerian movies (yes, there are other Nigerian movies besides Mr Ibu and Beyoncé and Rihanna part 5). More…


Recommendations for Improving the African Football Game

21 Aug , 2014  


The United States’ elegant display of football (colloquially known as “European Soccer” in the US.)  against Portugal inspired me to write this. I mean, if they can improve in their football over the years, why can’t we!? And before you mention money etc.. hear me out: More…


Podcast: Lupita, African Heroes and the South African 2014 Election

1 Apr , 2014  



We talk about Lupita’s recent rise to fame after 12 Years a Slave. We talk of other African heroes. Lastly, we talk of the upcoming South African elections. More…