No Such Thing As A Christian Culture

22 Nov , 2014  


This is  a rant. And I’m writing it at midnight. Which is not the best time to rant. But I’m awake. So I’m going to rant. Why are people talking about creating a Christian culture, or a Jesus culture*? What does that even mean? More…


101 Lessons I’ve Learned Living the Y.O.L.O Life

22 Nov , 2014  


This it phrase of popular and/or rap culture, has never been truer!

On this side of eternity, the life that you live now is the one that truly counts. So, I’m not writing here about getting wasted and letting loose, but I’m talking about taking the hard things and using them as lessons and wisdom to live an enjoyable life rather than wallowing in misery.

Here’s a few realities, and in the spirit of being up-front there’s only 4 lessons here (if you enjoy counting numbers, sins and what have you…) More…


Ask A Chenge: 5 Tips for Life

23 Oct , 2014  

AskAChenge Image

In our first episode of Ask A Chenge, I give 5 tips you need for life. Take a look. Comment to let me know if you agree or disagree.  More…


Spotlight on African Movies

18 Oct , 2014  


I am into African cinema, it’s a fairly new thing in my life but I’m so glad I discovered it. It started off with a love for South African movies, I would go out and support, whether good or bad, I was intentionally trying to support the local industry. Then I broadened my horizons and looked at Nigerian movies (yes, there are other Nigerian movies besides Mr Ibu and Beyoncé and Rihanna part 5). More…


Treating the walk like a government job

6 Oct , 2014  


I have noticed that when most people are asked about working for government they respond with a similar attitude. Government is seen as that place you go to when you are old or tired of “learning”. Government is viewed as one step closer to retirement and sends a message of “I don’t do anything useful in the world”. With that view in mind a lot of people see it as an ideal destination for their careers once they are “done” and want to relax. More…

Business & Finance


4 Oct , 2014  


We talk about entrepreneurship with Kali Ilunga, founder of Let us know your thoughts on it.


Jesus, the perpetually Trending One in Heaven

22 Sep , 2014  


The warnings are passed!

Each wrong church rebuked! Repentance demanded.

A door is opened, behold I see

Beauty unfathomable, I cease to speak

I look, I behold, I perceive, then me it strikes More…


Review: The Founders by Andre Odendaal

30 Aug , 2014  


For the past four years, I have really enjoyed reading history books, especially South African and East African history books. About a year and a half ago, I walked into a new bookshop in Rondebosch, Cape Town to see if they had any other books of interest. I came across this book about the origins of the ANC. More…


Dreams of Silicon Valley

30 Aug , 2014  

Picture by Ed Schipul

…If only I was as smart as Mark Zuckerburg!!! I could be the investor of Facebook or maybe Bill Gates, he has more money, and I would be the richest man on earth, domestic flights? Never again. Life would be dandy, do people still use dandy??? Oh wait, I’m better than that, I could be me but be a billionaire child prodigy of maybe Space Technology? Nah, that’s too unrealistic, I could be a software investor bigger than both Microsoft and Facebook or maybe I could be a musician, part of band but I would be the Beyonce (adjective – meaning: centre, middle, first, last, everything of the band) in the band. More…

Business & Finance

African Bank and Good Business

23 Aug , 2014  

Picture sourced from

African Bank has been the focus of recent business news in South Africa for the past few weeks. Everyone has suddenly become an ‘expert analyst’ on the woes of African Bank, and what they should have done differently. Should they have bought Ellerines? Should they have closed down their savings account offering and allowed for a diverse portfolio of profits? It’s easy to judge when looking back, but a lot more difficult to give guiding principles when looking forward. More…