Whatsapp Groups: Taking the Hate out of this Love-Hate Relationship

28 Feb , 2015  


When Whatsapp was first released, it felt like a second (and better) revolution. Yes, mobile instant messaging (IM) was already alive and well, with the likes of Mxit mixing things up for the layman (does anyone actually still use Mxit?), and those who could buy a Blackberry were going nuts on BBM, although I feel like RIM brought the BBM party to us just as the club was shutting down everywhere else in the world. What Whatsapp did was bring everyone together. Android, iPhone and other users – yes, we see you Nokia and your failed Symbian system – could now seamlessly IM without having to give in to the BBM big bash. More…


Spotlight on African Movies

18 Oct , 2014  


I am into African cinema, it’s a fairly new thing in my life but I’m so glad I discovered it. It started off with a love for South African movies, I would go out and support, whether good or bad, I was intentionally trying to support the local industry. Then I broadened my horizons and looked at Nigerian movies (yes, there are other Nigerian movies besides Mr Ibu and Beyoncé and Rihanna part 5). More…