Light ponderings of an African Christian

3 Nov , 2016  


It is not uncommon to hear a black man reject Christianity because of its aid in colonisation. We can’t deny that most missionaries that came to Africa and found half naked women and clothed them as part of their missionary journey. In the western culture breasts are sexualised to the extremes as compared to the African culture past. The missionary saw the exposing of the breast as sexual and not fitting for a Christian.



Pursuing the gold medal that Jesus cares about

16 Sep , 2016  


We have just exited a part of the Olympic season (the Paralympics are still underway) and it is always great to hear the stories behind the wins. All the top 3 winners in each category did not achieve their success by accident but by deliberate focus and action for a protracted period of time. Their aim was singular, they want to win the gold medal and set new records. The journey of an Olympian has many parallels to the journey of a Christian. Except, as opposed to playing for gold which is only valuable for a time, we play for invaluable treasure, Jesus, at least that’s the treasure I am pursing.   More…


The call to be different, outcasts of the world

11 Mar , 2015  


You are a holy nation

You are a chosen people

You are set apart by God

You are …



The word for the streets

6 Jan , 2015  


When you think the bible, what thoughts come to mind?

Perhaps church, Christians, pastors, incense, singing, etc. More…


Treating the walk like a government job

6 Oct , 2014  


I have noticed that when most people are asked about working for government they respond with a similar attitude. Government is seen as that place you go to when you are old or tired of “learning”. Government is viewed as one step closer to retirement and sends a message of “I don’t do anything useful in the world”. With that view in mind a lot of people see it as an ideal destination for their careers once they are “done” and want to relax. More…


Jesus, the perpetually Trending One in Heaven

22 Sep , 2014  


The warnings are passed!

Each wrong church rebuked! Repentance demanded.

A door is opened, behold I see

Beauty unfathomable, I cease to speak

I look, I behold, I perceive, then me it strikes More…


Dreams of Silicon Valley

30 Aug , 2014  

Picture by Ed Schipul

…If only I was as smart as Mark Zuckerburg!!! I could be the investor of Facebook or maybe Bill Gates, he has more money, and I would be the richest man on earth, domestic flights? Never again. Life would be dandy, do people still use dandy??? Oh wait, I’m better than that, I could be me but be a billionaire child prodigy of maybe Space Technology? Nah, that’s too unrealistic, I could be a software investor bigger than both Microsoft and Facebook or maybe I could be a musician, part of band but I would be the Beyonce (adjective – meaning: centre, middle, first, last, everything of the band) in the band. More…


What Are We Outsourcing?

21 Aug , 2014  

Arabic bible

Outsourcing was the buzz word of the 90s, it was the trend of the day that promised those who adopted it great benefit. In a nutshell, it was a philosophy of ‘your mess, for less’, so companies would outsource various departmental functions to these third parties who would then take over those functions and manage them on their behalf. More…