The UCT Rhodes Statue Drama

21 Mar , 2015  

UCT Rhodes Statue Protest (30)

We talk about the UCT Cecil John Rhodes statue drama which has been happening recently. We discuss what the big fuss is, and whether the statue should stay or should go. We also discuss whether celebrated heroes such as Shaka Zulu should be under the same scrutiny as Cecil John Rhodes. Please vote in our poll if you think the statue should stay or go. More…


2014 In Review

14 Dec , 2014  


In this final episode for 2014, we talk about what has been making the headlines of 2014 including

  • Ebola,
  • Bob Geldoff’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’,
  • American race tensions,
  • Turning petrol into pineapple juice



Podcast: Gender Identities

5 Jul , 2014  

high res MAD MEN


We talk gender identities in the modern world. What is feminine and masculine, and do they matter. More…


Podcast: Social Media Activism

1 Jun , 2014  


We talk of the recent trend of social media activism, and the right etiquette of social media. There is also an introduction to our friend, Thabo Khuzwayo.


Podcast: Secular vs Sacred

1 May , 2014  


We discuss the battle between secular and sacred in music, art and general culture. What is Christian, what is not. What is holy, what is not. More…


Podcast: Lupita, African Heroes and the South African 2014 Election

1 Apr , 2014  



We talk about Lupita’s recent rise to fame after 12 Years a Slave. We talk of other African heroes. Lastly, we talk of the upcoming South African elections. More…