Revisiting Culture

2 Nov , 2016  


Decolonisation. This seems to be the word of the day. University students throughout the country are fighting for a more Afro-centric curriculum without the baggage of the colonial past. Relaxed hair is now frowned upon by many, and natural hair is in. African print is en vogue. Animals are being slaughtered in suburban backyards. Children are being given long and hard to pronounce names.  Yellow bones are losing to darker tones. Africa is coming back! More…

Current Affairs

My Personal Views on the UCT Rhodes Issue

21 Mar , 2015  

UCT Rhodes Statue Protest (25)

During my undergraduate years at the University at Cape Town, I stayed in the prestigious Smuts Hall, with halls rich in tradition and rooms with views of the city of Cape Town. 3 times a day, we used to walk over the parking lot to Fuller Hall for mealtimes, passing the now controversial statue of Cecil John Rhodes. More…


No Such Thing As A Christian Culture

22 Nov , 2014  


This is  a rant. And I’m writing it at midnight. Which is not the best time to rant. But I’m awake. So I’m going to rant. Why are people talking about creating a Christian culture, or a Jesus culture*? What does that even mean? More…

Business & Finance


4 Oct , 2014  


We talk about entrepreneurship with Kali Ilunga, founder of Let us know your thoughts on it.


Review: The Founders by Andre Odendaal

30 Aug , 2014  


For the past four years, I have really enjoyed reading history books, especially South African and East African history books. About a year and a half ago, I walked into a new bookshop in Rondebosch, Cape Town to see if they had any other books of interest. I came across this book about the origins of the ANC. More…

Business & Finance

African Bank and Good Business

23 Aug , 2014  

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African Bank has been the focus of recent business news in South Africa for the past few weeks. Everyone has suddenly become an ‘expert analyst’ on the woes of African Bank, and what they should have done differently. Should they have bought Ellerines? Should they have closed down their savings account offering and allowed for a diverse portfolio of profits? It’s easy to judge when looking back, but a lot more difficult to give guiding principles when looking forward. More…