UCT Rhodes Statue Protest (30)

The UCT Rhodes Statue Drama

Empty Bucket Podcast | 21 Mar , 2015  

We talk about the UCT Cecil John Rhodes statue drama which has been happening recently. We discuss what the big fuss is, and whether the statue should stay or should go. We also discuss whether celebrated heroes such as Shaka Zulu should be under the same scrutiny as Cecil John Rhodes. Please vote in our poll if you think the statue should stay or go.

Should the statue of Cecil John Rhodes be removed?
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  • Tasha Warambwa

    I found the poll quite hard to take, because depending on what time of the day it is, it could actually be any one of those answers ( I did vote, my vote is my secret :-P ). This story/issue has me a tad perplexed , or maybe its my interest that’s perplexing – but from when I latched on i’ve had this one constant thought… “I wish it had played out differently”. Eish I hope no one judges me (or rather, publically attacks me) or something-

    But I really hope for a day when the activists’ objective becomes effecting a change, not (merely) taking action. [Ill leave it at that … please note that this is said by an uninformed person who is sitting on the fence while sipping on her tea]

    Anyway, solution to all our woes—> lets stop naming (public) monuments/streets etc after people because I don’t actually think there exists a person who is uniformly celebrated. As with the whole remembering the hero in the context of the villain thing … the assignment of hero vs villain is extremely subjective, it should be about WHAT was done/achieved and less about by WHOM it was done. – Anyhoooo between all the fauna, flora, colours, numbers etc in the world,we’d be fine. Your name in history books and a nicely phrased epitaph on your tombstone – should be thanks enough for whatever you’ve contributed to life.

    Bringing it back, specifically to the CJR protest; both parties (the university and the protesters) are giving too much credence to this solid mass of molded cement/concrete. To UCT – yes he donated the land, great! but that has little bearing on the institution the university has become, i’m sure y’all said thank you when he gave you the title deeds in the first place (which if what ‘they’ say is true, those were invalid) it makes no sense to me for you to holdfast to honouring a questionable man, who is dead and gone at the cost of alienating those present on your campuses today. In the same vein – to the protesters , you journeyed to come to school …focus. The objective of history, of remembering the past is to keep alive the lessons not re-live the hurts.The statue does not affect you(r DP status).