The call to be different, outcasts of the world

Rudzani Mulaudzi | 11 Mar , 2015  

You are a holy nation

You are a chosen people

You are set apart by God

You are …

There are so many verses in the bible that speak clearly about our call to be different. Often our response to this, is to do stuff, to try and be different. However that is not the call from God at all. The call is a statement of the reality of a Christian life, when you are born of God you are automatically an outcast of this world. You are different. The difference is a result of birth, therefore like a natural difference it’s our portion to carry.

The scriptures on this matter are not difficult to understand, they are pretty straight forward. However yesterday, I really understood them.

I stood next to a friend of mine who has albinism. She is white by skin but black by DNA? I don’t really understand it. But as I stood next to her, I noticed everyone that passed us would actually stare at her, like she is in a performance or something. It was strange to see all the eyes. It was a profound moment for me, as I realised that from a natural perspective we are all different but some are more different than others. My heart’s reaction was strange, I didn’t like that they were staring therefore had a slight anger build up in me however I was also a bit sad because this has been her reality for her entire life. She carries the burden of being different!

But you see there is nothing she can do about it, it’s a difference that came from birth and therefore makes her an outcast. She stands out, people will stare. What a burden it is! But before you feel sorry for her, don’t! She is actually a beautiful human being, confident and very smart (like NASA level smart). One would look her and wonder how she does it? She carries the burden of being different like it’s not heavy at all. Once you get to know her you realise, she is a person that has been on a journey.

She has had to understand that she is different and accept it!

She had to understand that she will forever be different and accept it!

She had to accept that her difference is a HUGE part of her, it impacts her love life, her work life and her driving life (albinism often comes with vision impairment).


It’s the same with being a Christian, we need to understand and accept that we are different. We should NOT try to fit in and be cool, it’s never going to happened unless we alter our make-up (if it were possible). We have to understand that being a Christian is life long journey therefore we will forever bear the burden of being different. We have to understand and allow our difference to impact everything about us; our dating/relationship lives, our work life, our friendships and our hearing & seeing abilities.

One thing that is clear about being different, is that you live in an ‘all eyes on me’ world. Because you are different people will stare, and how you live will determine what they say and think about your difference. Like if my friend was to confront the ‘starers’ and cause a scene then the ‘starers’ would think ‘albinos are crazy and violent people’. So it’s in your hands, what will people say about your difference. What will people say about Christianity from your life? What will they say about Jesus?


P.S. Her albinism will impact her children. As a carrier of the recessive gene that causes albinism, she is likely to pass it to her children. Therefore her difference is multigenerational it won’t just impact her. Similarly being a Christian should have multigenerational impact, it should not be an experience that changes us only but also those to come after us.

 P.P.S. You are different because there is a story that God wants to tell this WORLD and it REALLY needs your difference in order to be effective. So when you feel like an outcast, pick yourself up and smile because you are a parable spoken by the Living God.

I am ______ (loading). The only constant about me is that I am a child of God, a husband of one wife by delightful choice and future father of 4 by prophesy ;). My heart's desire is to show that God is beautiful, desirable and knowable!

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