Jesus, the perpetually Trending One in Heaven

Rudzani Mulaudzi | 22 Sep , 2014  

The warnings are passed!

Each wrong church rebuked! Repentance demanded.

A door is opened, behold I see

Beauty unfathomable, I cease to speak

I look, I behold, I perceive, then me it strikes

A truth forever told, a truth forever trending

A truth unable to expire

A truth that shatters what the Jews chose to conspire

A truth indeed, that propels my being entire,

Into worship, into praise, into sorrow, into joy, into hate, into love

A paradoxical experience I behold and cannot move

Who I am, thought I am, thought I would be I cannot hold

This mere truth rushes at me like wind and moulds

This clay; my life lain like branches, under your feet I AM

Oh, trending one of heaven…

The slain one, who was given before existence existed,

To trend eternally in the heavenlies

My heart beats, my heart skips and leaps to heavely melodies

Trend Jesus Trend!

I yell as I behold the Lamb at centre of it all! He looks at me like a friend

The Lamb, the Lamb, the trending Lamp

The light given men, so that they may see the trending onein  heaven, indeed somewhat a map


Have you seen the perpetually trending one of heaven?

Perhaps the light you have not received! And loudly on stick a call was made

But your ears deaf, seem to forbade

Denounce I am, in order to receive the trending I AM!


I am ______ (loading). The only constant about me is that I am a child of God, a husband of one wife by delightful choice and future father of 4 by prophesy ;). My heart's desire is to show that God is beautiful, desirable and knowable!

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