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What Are We Outsourcing?

Rudzani Mulaudzi | 21 Aug , 2014  

Outsourcing was the buzz word of the 90s, it was the trend of the day that promised those who adopted it great benefit. In a nutshell, it was a philosophy of ‘your mess, for less’, so companies would outsource various departmental functions to these third parties who would then take over those functions and manage them on their behalf.  Due the popularity of outsourcing, various people / companies became outsourcing experts and their entire reason for existence was convincing companies to outsource to them.  Since the 90s the practise of outsourcing has matured greatly and the practise has become complex, to the point where there are experts for each part of a company who have studied the trends and possess thought leadership on how each item should be outsourced, this is applicable to every department from HR to IT to Finance.

Outsource – ‘ah-ut-soce-d’ – a verb, meaning to obtain goods / services from a third party service provider.

In my observation of the world, the principles and concepts of outsourcing have become a norm in everyday life. There was a time when a man would have capabilities to fix the lights, the pipes, the car and do the gardening and today all these are outsourced. Similarly women would do all the typical household chores from cleaning to cooking to changing the baby, these too have been outsourced. For us who were in school before google, when we had to do research for our projects we would go the library and sift through hundreds of books to compile a single report. But today’s world we simply sit before a computer, open google and type what we want and the results are popped onto our screens. This is a form of us outsourcing that functionality, google is a company that specialises in specialised outsource services, i.e. information searching. The ease of use and practically of google has resulted in us outsourcing numerous areas of lives without even realising. The key part of lives that we have outsourced to google is thinking, we no longer think, we google. This outsource has become a norm that when we wonder when a good time to marry is, we google it! When we wonder if we are in love or not, we google it! We google everything, things we should be thinking about.

In the year 2004 another company came on the scene that enabled us to outsource our thinking to people we know, that company is Facebook. The questions we would normally ask on google we now ask them on Facebook, and when Facebook can’t answer us we go to our beloved outsource partner; Google. All this ability to outsource certainly shows our advancement in technology as human beings. However is it a beneficial and constructive thing that we are outsourcing so much of our lives? I mean we outsource questions that I believe are the journey of life, questions about origins (where do we come from?), meaning (why are we here?) and purpose (where are we going?).  I propose as an alternative that instead of outsourcing our thoughts about the key questions of life, we should find credible documentation about the questions and investigate ourselves. I personally use the bible as a source of such information. The bible is a historical documentation of men and women who searched for answers to those questions, these men and women lived independent lives over a time period of about 1500 years and interestingly they all came to the same conclusion about these questions. The only thing that ties them together is that they all claim to believe in the same God! The Creator, who is involved in our daily lives; whom they referred to as The Lord. I reckon in your life too, it’s time for a revolution, stop outsourcing these key questions of life and take the journey of discovery you were meant to.

P.S. The Bible is truly the most credible source I have come across.


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  • Seth Mulli

    Well said, here’s to out sourcing from the source of it all.

  • KingsKid

    Funny…this whole week I’ve been going to google about whether to cut my hair or not…didn’t help much…BUT my bible told me: Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty that depends on fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. 4 You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. (1Pet3:3-4) #SORTED :D

  • Rudzani Mulaudzi

    Glad you enjoyed it :)